Haraaz Special Red

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Yemeni coffee is normally harvested from dried cherries picked straight from the tree. After the cherries are picked they are spread on rooftops or on sheets and allowed to dry even more of the next two to three weeks. When the coffee is ready to be exported, it is milled and away it goes.

This lot, however, is bought as ripe cherry from the farmer and the coffee is dried under strict quality control on raised beds, ensuring a more consistent and dynamic cup.  This allows the perfect drying environment.  This is also one of the free fully-traceable coffees from Yemen.

Coffee farmers in Yemen continue to produce coffee despite the devastating civil war in their country. Thanks to our friends at Cafe Imports for providing us with this phenomenal selection.

Grown at 6230-8000 ft

Notes of: Cranberry, maple syrup, and date.



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