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Wate Gogogu
Wate Gogogu
Wate Gogogu
Wate Gogogu


Wate Gogogu

Lemon Drops, Jasmine, Mango

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2000 - 2280 MASL

alt: 2000 - 2280 MASL

Light Roast

Roast: light

mill: Wate Gogugu

producer: Kadir Jabril & Small Producers

region: Guji

process: washed

varietal: Heirloom Landraces

Understanding the quality potential of the area, Kadir Jabril built his washing station in the kabele (community) of Wate Gogogu, where he processes coffees from his own site and from small producers in the surrounding community.  The coffees farms of Wate Gogogu are some of the newest in the entirety of Ethiopia.  The young age (5-10 years) of the coffee trees, high elevation of 2000-2280 MASL,  and microclimate result in a cup of remarkable quality.  Tropical flavors of mango are supported by cardamom-like aromatics and lemon zest acidity.
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