Tano Batak

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We have offered this Lintong/Dolok Sanngul coffee at Bird Rock for many years now.  In fact, our Batak from 2014 placed second in Coffee Review’s Top 30 coffee list.

“Batak” refers to the ethnic group of people who live around Lake Toba in Northern Sumatra.  Much of this coffee was produced by smallholder Batak farmers whose farms are around 1400-1500 meters.

The coffee is handpicked and then wet-hulled and dried in green houses on cement.  The meticulous quality control makes for a far more refined coffee that what is typical for coffees from Sumatra; this Batak is less-earthy and far sweeter than your average coffee from Lintong.

Notes of:  Fig, sweet pipe tobacco and nutmeg.    

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