Santa Ana


Santa Ana

Caramel • Blood Orange • Toffee

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1650 MASL

alt: 1650 MASL

Medium-Light Roast

Roast: med-light

farm: Santa Ana

producer: Fernando Diaz

region: Santa Rosa

process: WASHED

varietal: Red Bourbon, Red Catuai

2019 is the tenth year we have partnered with Finca Santa Ana, located in Santa Rosa between the Tecuamburro and Pacaya volcanoes and located on the mountain of La Gavia. Managed by descendants Don Lizandro - who was a coffee-grower in the 18th century, Finca Santa Ana heralds the arrival of our Direct Trade offerings from Guatemala. Finca Santa Ana has had multiple Cup of Excellence appearances, including #4 in 2010 and top 20 in 2015 at #16. The carefully supervised quality control at the farm is evident in the cup. As part of our Direct Trade buying philosophy, we always look for ways to invest in our farming partners in addition to paying a good price for the coffee. In 2015 we shared an investment w/ Fernando to plant new seed stock at the farm with about 15 new varietals including Mokka and Geisha. In a few years, these shrubs will give Finca Santa Ana more varietals to sell to specialty roasters and add another dimension to this already great farm.
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