La Providencia Estate Maragogype



Farm: La Providencia
Region: Huehuetenango
Producer: Max Ariel Palacios Villatoro
Varietal: Maragogype
Altitude: 1550 - 1900 MASL
Roast: Light
Process: Washed
Notes: Orange, Butterscotch, Cane Sugar.

La Providencia Estate is located in the highlands of Huehuetenango. Mr. Javier Palacios purchased the farm in 1954. His vision at that time was to cultivate exceptional quality coffee by taking care of the natural resources and his employees: those two key factors were essential to achieving high-quality coffee. In 2,007 Mr. Javier Palacios passed away at the age of 90, passing his legacy on to his son Max Palacios. Max Palacios is now a second generation coffee grower and has been involved in managing La Providencia since 1975.
This is the fourth year we have offered the Maragogype coffee from La Providencia.

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