La Primavera


La Primavera

Roasted Marshmallow, Toffee, Golden Apple

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1850 MASL

alt: 1850 MASL

Light Roast

Roast: light

producer: Arnulfo Leguizamo

region: San Agustin - Huila

process: Washed

varietal: Caturra

Arnulfo Leguizamo is who every coffee lover in Colombia should aspire to be. As a member of Asociación Los Naranjos, in San Agustin - Huila, he is a leader in his community and supports his fellow farmers in their efforts to improve their quality. In 2011, he won the first price at the Cup of Excellence with coffee from this farm. An unprecedented price of $45/lb was paid for the Cup of Excellence–winning coffee. He continues to be a hard-working, approachable, and generous producer, and an inspiration to others—including his son Diego, who has started managing the family farms alongside his father. Diego has trained up as a cupper and seeks to be in charge of operations in the future, a multigenerational coffee family.
Farmers are now starting to understand the importance of being able to taste their own coffee; Arnulfo and his son Diego are very proud to be coffee farmers. What this new generation of coffee farmers wants is recognition for their hard work and the means to sell their coffee as a traceable micro-lot and not a blend.

We at Bird Rock Coffee are proud to showcase Arnulfo's Coffee and Cafe Imports program with the Asociacion of Los Naranjos in San Agustin, Huila. (97 small coffee growers, the individual farms are an average of 1.5 hectares)