La Papaya


La Papaya

Blackberry Marmalade , Dried Cherry , Sugar Cane

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2000 MASL

alt: 2000 MASL

Light Roast

Roast: light

region: Saraguro, Loja

process: Washed

varietal: Typica

The Hacienda La Papaya farm and estate is owned and operated by Juan Peña — Ecuador’s most famous specialty-coffee producer. He and his coffee have multiple recognitions world wide due to his quality.

Hacienda La Papaya coffees are the result of a meticulous integral process. The process begins in the nursery where the best seeds are selected, considering the origin and characteristics of the mother plants. Proper sowing techniques are applied for the correct development of the plant. This ensures efficient fertilization management throughout the farm and maximum control at each stage of plant’s growth.
Juan is also always, actively engaged with many processing experiments. His farming is meticulous, scientific, curious, and giving: He provides neighbors and farm workers space in his nursery, along with seedlings, so that they can develop plots of their own.