Kiunyu Peaberry
Kiunyu Peaberry
Kiunyu Peaberry
Kiunyu Peaberry
Kiunyu Peaberry


Kiunyu Peaberry

huckleberry, cola, cinnamon

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1650 MASL

alt: 1650 MASL

Light Roast

Roast: light

producer: Kiunyu Coffee Factory

region: Kianyaga

process: Washed

varietal: SL 34, Sl 28 and Batían 4

Kiunyu was established in the 1960s and currently it has 3,082 members. Kiunyu is one of two coffee "factories" of the Karithathi Farmer Cooperative Society in Kianyaga town, Kirinyaga district of the Kenya highlands. A factory is a wet mill where to cooperative farmers brings their coffee cherry fruit for processing. Kiunyu is situated at 1644 meters and serves farmers in the villages of Kianduma, Kiambuku, Kiambatha, Gature and Kiamuki.

Kiunyu Coffee Factory is located within Gariama location,Kabari sub-location in Kirinyaga County and is a member of the Karithathi Farmers’ Cooperative Society.

The area experiences moderate bimodal rainfall, and temperatures here range from 13 to 24C year-round. The main varieties of coffee grown here is SL34 and Ruiru 11, with SL34 accounting for 99% of all coffee production in the area. Most farmers in the area are tea growers rather than coffee. The region has deep, fertile well-drained red volcanic soils which are ideal for coffee production.

This washed peaberry features intense aromas of cinnamon, cola, and raw sugar.  Red fruit flavors of huckleberry and red currant are complemented by a sparkling acidity and velvety, coating mouthfeel.  Baking spice aromatics carry into a crème brulée like aftertaste.
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