Kilimanjaro Duo

El Salvador

We are offering two of our 2018 experimental processed coffees from Aida Batlle's Finca Kilimanjaro. Our Coffee Buyer, Jacob White, visited Finca Kilimanjaro to work with Aida on producing some incredible coffee using new processing methods. We are offering these  coffees together in a special package containing 4oz of coffee from each processing method.

Read more about the processing methods below.

Cascara Process: A tisane of cascara was made by steeping cascara in hot water, straining, and allowing it to cool.  After the coffee is depulped, the seeds are placed in the tisane and allowed to ferment for 40 hours.  When fermentation is complete, the coffee is moved to raised beds and allowed to dry.

Flavor Notes: Almond Brittle, Toasted Coconut, Pomegranate

Yeast Fermentation: After the coffee is depulped, the seeds are placed in a tisane of cascara and allowed to ferment.  Rather than relying on microbes in the environment, a strain of yeast was introduced to the ferment to manipulate the final flavor profile.  Known for its production of fruity esters and enhanced mouthfeel, this yeast strain was allowed to ferment with the coffee seeds for 40 hours.  When fermentation is complete, the coffee is moved to raised beds and allowed to dry.

Flavor Notes: Apple Cider, Caramelized Pear, Hibiscus

About Finca Kilimanjaro:

Coffee producer Aida Batlle, Finca Kilimanjaro in El Salvador, consistently impresses us with her commitment to sustainable practices and quality coffee creation. Each year she participates in the harvest with a keen eye on the cherry selection and sorting process to ensure that only the ripest cherries make it through to the processing stage of the coffee production. Then by paying special attention to the fermentation and drying stages she creates beautifully unique profiles utilizing any and all tools at her disposal to achieve excellence in the cup.

Finca Kilimanjaro is located high on the slopes of the Santa Ana volcano where the rich volcanic soil creates a ideal micro-climate for creating a quality coffee. It is unlike other coffees produced in Central America, with a truly distinct flavor profile. The unique profile is created with a combination of coffee tree varieties planted side by side. A Kenyan variety, thought to be SL-28, and an antique Bourbon variety.

In 2003, Finca Kilimanjaro astounded the judges at the first El Salvador Cup of Excellence competition with its complex sweetness and exquisite aftertaste and mouthfeel. It is truly one of the most unique El Salvadoran coffees available. Aida Batlle was new to the coffee world at that time, but has since become one of El Salvador’s, and in fact the world’s, most innovative coffee producers.

The quality of the coffee is a testament to the hard work and attention to detail the pickers and farm workers put in throughout the harvest season. On visits to the farm, it is clear that Aida is intimately involved in every aspect of coffee production, and demands much of her staff. She recognizes that imperative to producing quality coffee is paying her workers a sustainable wage. In fact, she pays her workers nearly twice the country’s standard wage.

We’re proud to be partnering with Aida and look forward to each and every harvest with great anticipation and surprise.

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