Free Public Cupping

97pt Gesha Coffee

Free Public Cupping


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farm: Ninety Plus Gesha Estates

varietal: Gesha

It’s time you learned what goes into a great cup of coffee!
Stimulate your brain and your senses and join us for an exclusive cupping experience. We will introduce you to the fine art and science of coffee “cupping”—the process coffee professionals use to evaluate coffee for purchase and for quality control.
The cupping is FREE of charge but there is a limit of 5 people per cupping, and slots fill quickly. If slots are already filled, select a different time or location. Otherwise, keep checking back for when more dates become available.  
Please note: The coffee cuppings are an experience for adults. 18 years of age and over, only.
Event starts promply at time described and late arrivals are not permitted. Thank you.
See our locations page for directions to our cafe's.