El Socorro Maracaturra


El Socorro Maracaturra

candied pecan, tropical fruit, salted caramel

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1650 MASL

alt: 1650 MASL

Light Roast

Roast: light

farm: Santa Ana

producer: Fernando Diaz

region: Santa Rosa

process: pineapple fermentation

varietal: Catuai & Bourbon

Juan Diego de la Cerda of Finca El Socorro has been a direct trade partner with Bird Rock Coffee Roasters since 2015.  The first coffee we featured from El Socorro was a washed lot of Maracaturra, and this year it's the first of many lots we'll be featuring from Juan Diego.  Maracaturra is a hybrid between Maragogype - a large bean variety first discovered in Brazil - and the more familiar Caturra variety.  This lot has the deep sweetness of toffee complimented by fruity flavors of purple grape, cameo apple, and black cherry.  Its crisp acidity supports a round body and lingering sweetness of caramel in the aftertaste.

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