Kilimanjaro Burundi Process

El Salvador
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Burundi-style 24 hour DRY fermentation, washing every 12 hours...which just means we add a little bit of fresh water and turn with a wooden paddle, then 24 hour UNDER WATER fermentation, washing again every 12 hours then wash the parchment then it goes back to fermentation tank to soak in fresh water for 24 hours and then placed on drying beds. While the initial 24 hour fermentation time is average for most washed coffee, here the coffee is washed mid-way through the process and THEN the coffee undergoes continued fermentation under water.

Aida Batlle consistently impresses us with her commitment to sustainable practices and quality. During harvest, she is very hands on, participating in the harvesting and sorting process to ensure that only the ripest cherries make it through to the processing stage.

Finca Kilimanjaro is located high on the slopes of the Santa Ana volcano. The rich volcanic soil creates a ideal micro-climate, similar to the coffees grown on the high slopes in Kenya. It is unlike any coffee produced in Central America, with a truly distinct flavor profile. Finca Kilimanjaro is planted with a combination of Kenyan and Bourbon varieties. Aida is deeply focused on maintaining only the highest quality coffee, taking great care during cherry selection and processing.

In 2003, Finca Kilimanjaro astounded the judges at the first El Salvador Cup of Excellence competition with its complex sweetness and exquisite aftertaste and mouthfeel. It is truly one of the most unique El Salvadoran coffees available. Aida Batlle was new to the coffee world at that time, but has since become one of El Salvador’s most innovative coffee producers.

Finca Kilimanjaro’s quality is a testament to the hard work and attention to detail of Aida and her workers. On visits to the farm, it is clear that she is intimately involved in every aspect of coffee production.She is not one cut corners or to skimp on quality. She also recognizes that imperative to producing quality coffee is paying her workers a sustainable wage. In fact, she pays her workers almost twice the normal wage.

There are many coffees in the world, but few have earned the name recognition and reputation that Finca Kilimanjaro maintains world-wide.

Notes Of: Chocolate fudge, maple syrup and plum


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