El Porvenir Tabi


El Porvenir Tabi

Sugar Cane , Dark Cherry , Spiced Shortbread

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1825 MASL

alt: 1825 MASL

Medium-Light Roast

Roast: med-light

region: Huila

process: Washed

varietal: Tabi

Born and raised in San Agustin, Didier Anacona has worked in agriculture his entire life. Early in his career his focus was primarily on cultivating corn and plantains, staples of the region. Over time he became disillusioned by the harmful effects these crops have on the land he cares for. The required use of agrochemicals, high nutrient demand on the soil, and damage to other natural resources led Didier to explore alternative crops and ways of farming.

Didier began practicing organic farming techniques and replacing his crops of corn with coffee. By focusing on coffee production, he's able to reduce his use of agrochemicals and preserve native shade trees local to the region. These changes also allowed him to begin keeping bees, which assist with pollination of his and neighboring farms, while providing honey as a supplemental income.

Seven years ago Didier and his wife acquired the land they now call El Porvenir (which translates to "the future"). They chose this name as it represents their dreams and ambitions, as well as their professional progress. Here they live with their two children, and as a family they work together to grow coffee. Didier is incredibly proud of his farm and says that the bees are his best friends, as they bring life to the land and teach him how to preserve nature.