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Finca El Pilar is located in the high mountains of San Juan Sacatepequez, Guatemala, just a couple hours driving from the city, and its story goes back to the 17th century, having coffee plantations since 1800. 

Juan Carlos Chen, a Certified Public Accountant, was introduced to the coffee business just a few years ago, when his father-in-law, who acquired the farm in 1982, entrusted it him in 2012.  Although coffee plantation has been traditional on the farm, Juan took it in not exactly the best conditions since it had been largely abandoned having only a production of 200 quintales of parchment.

 After only three years, Juan has arisen the production of 2,000 quintales of parchment with almost the same plantations but better managed.  El Pilar is one of the very few farms that still preserves old plantations and it is common to find 70+ years old Typicas and Bourbons still producing, in some cases requiring ladders to do the harvest.  Juan believes that part of the unique quality is because of the material planted, so he is planning to preserve the varieties, well managed and doing whatever it takes against coffee rust, which reached the farm a couple years ago.

Don Santos is Juan’s right hand managing the harvest and milling, who literally has worked on the farm for his entire life and who now all the historic part of the farm.  Santos is the guy in charge to deliver the fruits to the mill and take care of the milling process.  As a high-light, fermentation use to take up to 4 days due to the cold weather, so they recently tiled the fermentation tanks and washing channels to make the fermentation shorter.

Easy-drinking and perfect for the traditionalist, this crowd-pleasing blend is an easy introduction to our coffee at BRCR. Many of our other lots and blends will tend more towards the "3rd wave" style that lets acidity and complexity shine, but this blend uses seasonal ingredients in a way that is more appealing to a wider range of coffee lovers.   

Notes of: Rich chocolate, melted caramel with mellow earthy undertones.

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