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Damo Carbonic Natural
Damo Carbonic Natural
Damo Carbonic Natural
Damo Carbonic Natural
Damo Carbonic Natural
Damo Carbonic Natural


Damo Carbonic Natural

rose, dark cherry, confectioners sugar, bergamot tea

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1900-2200 MASL

alt: 1900-2200 MASL

Light Roast

Roast: light

region: Sidama

process: Carbonic Natural

varietal: Heirloom


We will be donating $2 from every bag sold of the Ethiopia Carbonic Natural and the Ethiopia Anaerobic Honey to our good friends at the Blue Heart Foundation.

These coffees are also available as a discounted bundle for $62.

$4 will be donated from each bundle sold.

Carbonic Natural Process

Ripe coffee cherries are placed inside stainless steel containers along with clean water.  Atmospheric gases are displaced by injecting carbon dioxide into the tanks.   In this CO2 rich environment, fermentation begins intracellularly by the action of enzymes, rather than yeast or other microbes. The internal temperature of the tanks is lowered to 50°F to extend the total fermentation time to 90 hours.  The cherries are then moved to raised beds, placed one layer thick, and rotated by hand every few hours for the first 5 days of drying.  After 36-40 days, drying is complete.

This carbonic processing results in a coffee with floral aromatics of rose and pink flowers. Fruity fragrances of dark cherry and citrus zest carry into the cup, sweetened by the impression of strawberry candy and confectioners' sugar. The creamy body is lightened by a winey acidity that carries into a bergamot tea-like aftertaste.