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Our subscriptions are a great way to explore some of the 70+ coffees that pass through our shops every year. Join our premier subscription plan, The Cupping Table to taste new direct trade, single origin and micro-lot coffees every month. Or take a look at our customized subscription plans to find one right for you and your family.

Pick your favorite plan, discover new coffees and never run out!

More subscription plans with 2lb options will be joining our roster in early 2023.

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Prepay for your subscription and receive a free vacuum seal coffee canister and extra % off your subscription price.

3 shipments = 5% off

6 shipments = 10% off

9 shipments = 12% off

12 shipments = 15% off

*Free coffee canister available while supplies last.


Free Shipping On Plans Over $45

Subscribing Saves Around 5% on Each Coffee

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