As it should, it all comes down to the coffee. The relationships Bird Rock Coffee Roasters has made with farmers over the last few years has had a profound impact on how the successful and growing business is run, always reminding everyone why responsible sourcing is so important.

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters takes pride in sourcing some of the best coffee available in a way that:

a) Establishes real collaboration with the person who grows the coffee. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters wants to help farmers improve their coffee and in many cases their quality of life as well. Investments in their farms and encouragement to experiment with different forms of processing at origin are just a few ways to achieve this.

b) Pays a premium to farmers based on the quality of the cup. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters pays farmers different rates based on the score given to the coffee upon evaluation. All BRCR pay rates are at least 50-100% over the Fair Trade contract price.

c) Will promote a long-term mutually beneficial, sustainable relationship. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters has worked with many farmers for 2-4 years. This helps establish consistency from year to year while helping the farmer move their product on a yearly basis. As long as the quality is there, they can depend on BRCR as a buyer.


1. Higher Wages
Though each Direct Trade relationship is unique, we will negotiate directly with the farmer and pay a price that will exceed the amount what they would receive via Fair Trade in many cases by 200-300%. The price we ultimately pay the farmer for coffee is based upon the quality of the lots we buy. The better the coffee, the more we will pay.

2. Better Farming Practices
We will work directly with the farmers to increase the quality of the coffee, usually resulting in better habits for the local habitat, as well as in some cases, rainforest preservation.

What's in it for Us?
The best quality coffee imaginable.

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