Los Arrayanes


Los Arrayanes

Vanilla Bean • Orange • Caramel

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1500 - 1850 MASL

alt: 1500 - 1850 MASL

Medium Roast

Roast: medium

producer: ASOBOMBO association

region: Huila

process: Washed

varietal: Caturra, Colombia

ASOBOMBO is a young association of 80 growers that got together with the dream of accessing a better, more sophisticated market that would provide fair and sustainable prices for their amazing coffees. This area is full of pre-hispanic history, and is very close to the Bordones Falls, a spectacular water fall over 400
meters tall.
What makes this coffee truly special is the association’s commitment to sustainable, organic production. After a two year process, the group has adapted its agricultural practice to fulfill all the organic certification and Rainforest
Alliance requirements.
The Diaz are the leading family in this association, specifically one of the sons, Jhon Edison. He inherited part of the Armenia Farm, started by his father Luis Alfredo. After many years selling their coffees independently to private buyers in Pitalito, Jhon reached out to his community in Arrayanes and convinced them to start their own association. Most farms in this area are relatively large compared to other regions of Colombia, with an average plot of the members around 3-5 hectares and many of the families originally came from Nariño. Looking for fertile
and cheap land, many emigrated from Nariño and settled this region of Huila in the 19th century.
If anything can separate this association from the rest, it is its amazing team work and sense of community. At every meeting everybody proudly wares the associations bright green shirt, they are always working together, learning from one another and helping fellow members that are going through hard times.

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