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Campo Bello
Campo Bello
Campo Bello
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Campo Bello

Golden Kiwi | Dried Cranberry | Caramel Truffle

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1700-1800 MASL

alt: 1700-1800 MASL

Light Roast

Roast: light

region: San Agustin, Huila

process: Washed

varietal: Tabi

As a third-generation coffee grower, Orlando Quinayas grew up among coffee trees. He harbors a deep love for the plant and understands the dedication required to produce an excellent crop. Thirty-five years ago he purchased Campo Bello (“beautiful field”) from his father-in-law. He lives there with his wife, and during harvest time, they and their 6 children meet to collect ripe cherries and process the coffee as a family. Orlando proudly refers to the farm as his family’s “kingdom,” as it allows them to live and work together while staying in harmony with nature.

To process this lot, Orlando used a Long Fermentation technique, which involves fermenting the de-pulped coffee seeds in tanks for twice as long as usual, for a total of 30 hours. Once fermentation is complete, the seeds are sun-dried on canopies for 10-15 days.

About the Variety

The Tabi variety became available to commercial coffee growers in 2002. The name translates to “good” in Guambiano, the language of a native Colombian tribe. As part of a larger effort to combat leaf rust, Tabi was developed to be disease resistant and is a hybrid of the Bourbon, Typica, and Timor coffee varieties. Four years ago, Orlando decided to plant Tabi on his farm after hearing positive feedback from neighbors regarding the plant’s resilience and cup quality. Despite lower yields, Orlando is pleased with the results as the improved cup quality allows his to secure a higher price for his coffee. On the cupping table, we find Orlando’s Tabi to feature aromas of coriander and roasted pineapple. In the cup are fruit flavors of plum and white grape, a caramel sweetness, and grapefruit in the aftertaste.