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Monkey Bite Espresso

Ethiopia, Brazil, Guatemala

Monkey Bite Espresso

brown sugar • dried apricot • butterscotch

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950-2100 MASL

alt: 950-2100 MASL

Medium Roast

Roast: medium

farm: Various

process: Natural, Washed

varietal: Washed, Natural

Named for the harrowing monkey attack that our founder Chuck suffered through in Kenya, this espresso is a top seller at the cafes and on-line. Our seasonal blend is carefully crafted and tested to be pulled as delicious straight espresso while it also works well in a traditional milk-based drink like a Cortado. This is the same fantastic blend we use in all our retail cafes. Works as a brewed cup of coffee as well!
For espresso machines we recommend dose of 22 grams resulting in about 24 grams (call it a fluid ounce) and a total extraction of 27-34 seconds with the first drops visible at 10-12 seconds.

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