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Boru Batak
Boru Batak
Boru Batak


Boru Batak

dried plum, dried mango, sweet pipe tobacco, cola

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1000-1400 MASL

alt: 1000-1400 MASL

Medium-Light Roast

Roast: med-light

process: Wet Hulled

varietal: Ateng, Jember, Garundang

The flow of coffee is very unique in Sumatra as compared to other origins and in the region where we produce this coffee, women are the backbone of the coffee business and make all of the quality and buying decisions. Boru means the link to the maternal line of the family and we thought that we should pay homage to them with naming this coffee Boru Batak. This coffee comes from the growing region of Lintongnihuta in Northern Sumatra near the shores of Lake Toba. It is a completely sun-dried and triple-picked Supergrade type coffee and we are only able to produce about 200 bags total annually. It is exceptionally clean with a massive syrupy body, fresh acidity, and flavors of cedar, leather, and a distinct essence of butterscotch.