Finca Tasta Pacamara


Finca Tasta Pacamara

strawberry jam, chocolate ganache, maraschino cherry

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1402 MASL

alt: 1402 MASL

Light Roast

Roast: light

farm: Finca Tasta

producer: Edith Meza

region: Satipo Province

process: Natural

varietal: pacamara

Edith Meza was born in the mountains of rural Peru. As a teenager she moved to the coffee-growing Satipo Llaylla province in the Central Forest of Peru so she could be close to her mother’s family. When her family settled, her mother planted a couple hectares of coffee. Sadly, her mother passed away shortly after Edith graduated from school. Along with her younger brother, they decided to take possession of the farm and become coffee producers. She moved to Lima to study farm management and quality control, earning a diploma in exportation.

Edith Meza a food engineer, introduces herself as a specialty coffee grower: “I’m completely in love with this product, because you learn every day.”

In 2012, she joined the National Coffee Board and worked behind the scenes at the national specialty coffee competition which is where she met Jeff Taylor, the current owner of Bird Rock Coffee Roasters.

In 2013, Finca TASTA began experimenting with different coffee processes, and by 2014 began producing Honey and Natural processed coffees. This set themselves apart as at innovator in specialty coffee production.

Finca Tasta is the first coffee farm in the region to provide benefits to their employees and are working to educate other local farmers. The goal is to become a model of specialty coffee production, sustainability, social and environmental responsibility. Through workshops, Finca Tasta shares their knowledge introducing the concept good agricultural practices, polyculture and the importance of protecting the fauna and wildlife of the region.

Bird Rock is thrilled and excited to continue supporting the efforts, entrepreneur spirit and community leadership of Edith and Ivan. Last year they were awarded by the international trade center with the opportunity to attend the specialty coffee expo in Seattle. We have had the privilege to host them here in San Diego where some of our customers were able to chat about their journey of innovation in Peru traditional society. We get to discuss every year what they can do to improve their quality and set their product apart from the traditional cup profile of Peru coffees, This year we agreed to produce a Microlot that separated the Red Caturra varietal and processed it through the traditional natural process. In addition we worked on an experimental Nano lot with a extended pre-cherry fermentation Natural process.

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