Gora Kone


Gora Kone

Blueberry, Lime, Honeysuckle

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1900-2200 MASL

alt: 1900-2200 MASL

Light Roast

Roast: light

mill: Gora Kone Washing Station

region: Arsi

process: natural

varietal: heirloom

The Gora Kone washing station is situated in the Arsi zone, next to the Nensebo river and the village of Werka. The station provides an income for between 700 and 800 coffee smallholders. Most of these family farms are about 3 hectares, with wanza and acacia trees shading their heirloom coffee trees. Cherries are handpicked and delivered to Gora Kone washing station for processing.

Gora Kone handles both washed and natural coffees; this offering is naturally processed, meaning that the intact cherries are dried for 15-18 days on drying beds before having the skin, fruit, and parchment removed from the inner bean. The drying beds are situated on steep hillsides that are exposed to great amounts of wind for efficient drying.

Through the Operation Cherry Red program – and auction – we are trying to revolutionize quality, one cherry at a time. This means that we are stimulating farmers to produce the best possible quality coffee by paying them better premiums for their yield.

The farmers – from smallholders to washing/drying stations – reach the OCR quality-level by taking harvesting and processing best-practices to heart. For instance;

by only harvesting the 100% fully ripe cherries and eliminating floaters early on,
by using tiles and clean water in their fermentation tanks,
and covering parchment with plastic shade nets, with large holes - to stimulate airflow.
These are but a few trialed methods that improve quality.
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