Cold Brew Pack
Cold Brew Pack

Cold Brew Pack

12oz Cafe Del Sol + Filters

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1500-1980 MASL

alt: 1500-1980 MASL

Medium-Light Roast

Roast: med-light

process: washed, natural

Enjoy a 12oz bag of our freshly roasted "Cafe Del Sol" cold brew blend and a pack of filters from our favorite cold brew filter company, Alto. These filters are great for brewing quart and half gallon size batches but we have the perfect recipe for you to share with your family this holiday.

Cafe Del Sol brings together the incredible sweetness and dynamic flavors that are sure to be a delight for any coffee drinker.

We recommend selecting either Whole Bean or Cold Brew for "Grind Size"

Included is a handy dandy cold brew guide with each order we ship out.

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