Meet Roberto Brenes of Auromar Estate

Roberto Brenes was not always in the coffee business. In his younger days he studied finance at Columbia University in New York and entered the world of investment banking. An outspoken critic of Noriega, Sr. Brenes was exiled from Panama twice and spent his time traveling the Americas promoting the need to restore democracy in his home country. Currently, he is the CEO of the Panama Stock Exchange.

The Auromar Estate was inherited by Sr. Brenes’ wife and has become a project for their family as he prepares for retirement. Through careful planting and farming practices, he has been producing Geisha coffee since 2006, gaining global notoriety and record prices for his high quality coffee. In 2013, Auromar won the Best of Panama competition with its Ironman Geisha, named for Sr. Brenes’ passion for Ironman competitions.

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