To Our Valued Customers

Hey friends and coffee lovers,

It goes without saying that everybody is seeing and feeling the inflationary effects of the economy on all our purchases these days. And we have reached that tipping point where we have decided to increase the prices of our coffee beans. We are moving to 10oz bag size and implementing a 3% average price increase on our whole bean coffee. The move from 12oz to 10oz will allow us to reduce the price per bag.

A price increase is, of course, strictly a business decision. One which has to be made slowly and with gravity. It is always an unpleasant decision to make because, like any business, we are held up and only experience any degree of success thanks to you, our amazing customers. And we know a price increase can always lead to disappointment.

While there should always be specific factors for a price increase, it's difficult to hold those justifications up to our customers because we know these factors only directly affect our business. We always want to shield our customers from those effects and avoid adjusting prices. But with increasing labor costs, coffee producer prices, increases in import and storage fees, and even increases in shipping costs, the decision to increase our coffee bean prices simply had to be made.

Ultimately, we had two choices before us. On the one hand, we considered simply increasing the price per bag, an unfortunate but familiar experience for all consumers. On the other hand, we thought about reducing our bag size and price per bag so that the actual out-of-pocket price to our customers would not go up with their purchase of a bag of beans.

Another motivating influence behind moving to a 10oz bag came from our subscription partner, Trade Coffee. Selling our coffee through their platform allows us to reach a wider audience of folks who might not have previously known we existed, which is rad.

However, they've been encouraging all their roasting partners and us to move to 10oz bags for some time, and we've been moving towards acquiescing to this request. This factor, paired with the need for a price increase was how we landed on our decision.

As consumers ourselves, we liked the idea that we wouldn't have to spend more money on a visit to buy a bag of beans, whereas many of our other purchases are becoming more expensive. This sentiment, paired with our already-in-motion 10oz considerations, cemented our decision to move to 10oz bags while implementing a 3% average price increase. Again, our price per bag of coffee is being reduced. And depending on the coffee, each bag will be in the range of $1-4 cheaper than the 12oz version was.

We are so grateful to our community of coffee lovers, and we value your continued support as we make this transition. We assure you that what's in the bag isn't changing. You'll continue to get Direct Trade sustainably sourced, flawlessly roasted, delicious coffee packaged with the utmost care for our environment. And we will continue to be empowered by great coffee.



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