A Tribute to Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

Written by Jane Wheeler

In April 2019 a sparkling new mosaic bench, sponsored by Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, was installed in front of Bird Rock location at 5627 La Jolla Blvd. The new bench will provide additional seating outside as well as beautify the streetscape in the heart of Bird Rock. Over a thousand pieces of tessare were used in the flowing Matisse inspired design. The design was created by using the template from the original mosaic bench (next to the new bench) created over 10 years ago as part of Bird Rock’s bench beautification program. The benches were created as part of an ongoing effort to beautify the community and add an element of functional art to the streetscape as well as foster community spirit. Over the years the benches have become “placemakers” along the sidewalk and each one has a story to tell.

This new bench (9th in the series of benches) is a synthesis of what Bird Rock Coffee Roasters has created in the community over the past 11 years. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters has become an institution and the place to meet in the heart of Bird Rock.  The coffee shop is where people from all walks of life, whether they are artists and writers, businesspeople or politicians, students or parents, can come and interact freely. It is a social hub, a place for discussion, thought, relaxation, and time with friends. People can laugh, share stories, debate, and share ideas in a comfortable and stress-free atmosphere. To highlight Bird Rock Coffee Roasters impact on the community, Bird Rock artist Jane Wheeler chose to infuse the bench with numerous words that reflect the positive vibe that The  Coffee Roasters has created and continues to create in Bird Rock. Search for the words on the bench next time you visit: PEACE, LOVE, COFFEE, FAMILY, COMMUNITY, ABUNDANCE, KINDNESS, INSPIRE, COURAGE, JOY, COMPASSION, CLARITY, WISDOM.


Jane Wheeler - Artist
Contemporary Madness Studio
& Bird Rock Artist Guild
Cell: 619-822-1120
email : dwheeler@san.rr.com
website: www.contemporarymadness.com

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