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Love Letter's Project 2022
What a fun project this was. Born from a group brainstorming session with our Bird Rock Coffee creative team, this idea to engage and connect with our guests was one we became more stoked on after seeing everyone’s response to it. This year we tried something new and put cute, red metal drop boxes into every Bird Rock cafe and a stack of Love Letter postcards. We encouraged people to write to a loved one and drop the postcard in the box. We then collected those letters and mailed them out in an effort to spread some love for the Valentine’s Day season. 
The number of amazingly loving and sincere messages that were sent was heart-warming and inspiring. It literally made my day to read through and stamp all the messages that got dropped into our little red boxes. It was also a delight to see the common themes of the messages. Lots of folks led with “This coffee shop is doing this cool thing where they send out postcards so I thought…” And there were a lot of First Valentines Days for newly-wed couples who secretly slipped a card in during a cafe visit.  Letter Letter Story Slide
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 My personal fave was the tourist letters bragging about the perfect weather in San Diego while the folks back home suffered through snow and freezing temperatures. 
I was fully prepared to have to screen out messages that were ‘less-than-loving’ shall we say. But I was stunned and inspired to find this was not needed. It’s incredible to me how building a platform for people to share joy, love and inspiration was engaged with such sincere zeal and I just have to thank our customers for being such amazing people. 
On a more functional note, we left the boxes live through Feb 18th and we would do that differently next year and set the cutoff earlier so that everyone received their letters much closer to Valentines day. But other than that I was very happy with how this project played out and so pleased with the amazing response we received from both our staff and our guests. 
I love working for a company filled with so many creative people and ideas and for the freedom to try those new ideas out and explore new ways to engage with our customers and staff. This was an absolute blast of a project and was so fun to bring to fruition. Thank you to our creative team and thank you to our customers for bringing it to life!
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