Gratitude Project

We are so excited to be partnering with Grateful Peoples!

Since hearing about the incredible change Grateful Peoples have been making in peoples lives, we have not been able to get away from helping them make an impact. With the simple idea of creating a journal that empowers us to write things we are grateful each day, they have managed to change how people interact with the world around them.

Grateful Peoples believes that if we focus on getting the most out of the present moment, we set up the best possible foundation for our future. 

By committing ourselves to give gratitude each day, we can change how we interact with people and the world around us making us a more positive impact. 

Since 2016, Grateful Peoples has positively impacted more than 4800 students in schools. After handing out these journals to one of the schools, they saw a 40% drop in behavioral citations. If we can teach younger generations how to be grateful for even the small things around them, then maybe we can create a more positive, grateful future. 

We invite you to take part with us and purchase the Gratitude Blend available in our cafes. With each bag of the Gratitude Blend you purchase, we will donate $1 towards the organization. These funds will be used to sponsor kids in the "Happiness in the Classroom" project here in San Diego.

Next time you are in, take the time to write in our gratitude book on why you are grateful. 

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