Coffee Review Coffees of 2022

Coffee Review - bird rock coffee year in review

Each year it's with great honor to share all the coffee we've hand-selected through nourished direct trade partnerships and meticulous roasting, keeping the integrity of each coffee's flavor profile. 

This year we are proud to have had eight coffees reviewed by Coffee Review. Coffee Review reviews hundreds of coffees each year by doing blind assessments and ranking them with a point system.

"Coffee Review was founded in 1997 by Kenneth Davids and Ron Walters.  Coffee Review introduced the first-ever 100-point, wine-style coffee reviews to the specialty coffee industry.  Over the course of the ensuing 20-plus years, Coffee Review has become the world’s most widely read and influential coffee buying guide, with as many as one million readers per year.  Many of the advances in the changing world of specialty coffee have been reflected in and often anticipated by our thousands of reviews and hundreds of tasting reports over the years." - Coffee Review

This year we had two coffees make it into their Top 30! And out of the eight coffees reviewed, seven of them received 94pts or higher!  

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters: Coffee Review Top 30, 2022

#10 96pt Colombia Sidra Natural Signature Selection

Blind Assessment: Richly fruit-saturated, balanced, juicy. Black cherry, Bourbon barrel, cocoa nib, wisteria, candycap mushroom in aroma and small cup. Deep, sweet-savory structure with high-toned, malic acidity; plush, syrupy mouthfeel. Resonant, long, flavor-laden finish that fulfills the promise of the cup.

#21 95pt Sumatra Boru Batak

Blind Assessment: Lushly floral-toned, chocolaty. Dark chocolate, wisteria, fine musk, dried lychee, pistachio in aroma and cup. Juicy, sweet-savory structure with floral acidity; big, syrupy mouthfeel with pleasingly tannic texture. Finish consolidates to notes of musky tropical fruit, delicate and perfumy, with crisp pistachio undertones.


Bird Rock Coffee Roasters:  92+ Coffee Review scores, 2022

95pt Ecuador Peñaherrera AAA

Blind Assessment: Richly sweet, high-toned. Mulberry, dark chocolate, agave syrup, lemon verbena, cedar in aroma and cup. Sweet in structure with juicy-bright acidity; very full, syrupy mouthfeel. Resonant, long, flavor-saturated finish.

95pt Colombia Pink Bourbon Filadelfia

Blind Assessment: Intricate, vibrantly floral, citrusy. Lilac, tangerine, almond brittle, sage, wild honey in aroma and cup. High-toned, harmonious structure with elegantly juicy acidity; full, creamy mouthfeel. Flavor-saturated, very long finish.

95pt Colombia Cerro Azul Geisha

Blind Assessment: Richly aromatic, chocolaty, fruit-toned. Dark chocolate, dried mango, honeysuckle, wine barrel, marjoram in aroma and cup. Richly sweet structure with winey acidity; plush, syrupy-smooth mouthfeel. The long, lingering finish centers around notes of dark chocolate and spicy florals.

94pt Ethiopia Raro Boda

Blind Assessment: Citrusy-sweet, richly cocoa-toned. Tangerine, cocoa nib, marjoram, narcissus, fresh-cut cedar in aroma and cup. Sweetly tart structure with bright, balanced acidity; silky-smooth mouthfeel. Finish consolidates to pretty notes of cocoa nib and tangerine.

94pt Colombia Tres Dragones

Blind Assessment: Richly chocolaty, sweetly fermenty. Cherry cordial, chocolate fudge, almond brittle, fine musk, gardenia in aroma and cup. Brightly sweet structure with juicy, winey acidity; full, viscous mouthfeel. Crisply chocolaty, fruity finish with a whisper of alcohol ferment.

92pt Guatemala Don Angel

Blind Assessment: Sweetly tart, high-toned. Pie cherry, baking chocolate, cane sugar, almond, a hint of narcissus in aroma and cup. Tart-leaning structure with juicy acidity; delicately satiny mouthfeel. The clean, refreshing finish is centered around tart fruit notes.

We look forward to a wonderful coffee-filled year in 2023 and sharing new offerings, and another year going to origin to visit Direct Trade Partners! 




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