Black History Month Blog

Each year we celebrate and honor Black History Month by creating a cause coffee and donate proceeds to the Blue Heart Foundation. 
Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans today and throughout history. 
More About The Blue Heart Foundation
We are proud to support The Blue Heart Foundation every year. This local  nonprofit organization serves underservedAfrican American male youth ages 13-18 in the greater San Diego County community. They offer a solid holistic mentoring program through adult and peer mentorship that facilitates positive interactions, education, empowerment, and emotional well-being that is a critical part of their lives. 
Having access to higher education is a key opportunity for young men of color. Scholarships are financial aid awards designed to help students not only pay for college but take care of school fees, books, supplies, and sometimes living expenses. With your help and many others, these scholarships are possible through donations.
We're celebrating Black History Month by featuring two incredible coffees with proceeds donated to The Blue Heart Foundation.
Meet Deshawn
This is Deshawn! Deshawn came to Bird Rock Coffee via a reference from the Blue Heart Foundation. He is a staple in our Production facility where he can be found cracking jokes, clapping vigorously in support of the team and sharing photos of his motorcycle. His new motorcycle motto: Ride fast, take chances. Next time you're at our Production facility you might catch Deshawn bagging beans for the next shipment. Be sure to wave "hello"!
One Origin, Two Processes
The two coffees we're featuring come from Ethiopia, and if you look closely, their processing is the only thing that differentiates them.
Both coffees come from the same farm in the Sidama region, were both milled at the same site, are both Heirloom variety and were grown at the same altitude of 1900-2200 meters above sea level. And while that is a lot of commonalities, they only serve to highlight what a significant impact processing has on a coffee’s flavor.
#1 Carbonic Natural Process
How it works
Ripe coffee cherries are placed inside stainless steel containers along with clean water. Atmospheric gases are displaced by injecting carbon dioxide into the tanks. In this CO2 rich environment, fermentation begins intracellularly by the action of enzymes, rather than yeast or other microbes. The internal temperature of the tanks is lowered to 50°F to extend the total fermentation time to 90 hours. The cherries are then moved to raised beds, placed one layer thick, and rotated by hand every few hours for the first 5 days of drying. After 36-40 days, drying is complete.

This processing results in a coffee with floral aromatics of rose and pink flowers. Fruity fragrances of dark cherry and citrus zest carry into the cup, sweetened by the impression of strawberry candy and confectioners' sugar. The creamy body is lightened by a winey acidity that carries into a bergamot tea-like aftertaste. 

#2 Anaerobic Honey Process

Ripe coffee cherries are placed inside stainless steel containers along with clean water. Nitrous oxide is injected into the tank to quickly displace and remove oxygen, which helps slow down the fermentation process. Naturally present yeast and bacteria contribute to the fermentation of sugars in the coffee cherries while holding a constant temperature maintains a slow fermentation over the course of 60 hours. The cherries are then pulped with the sticky mucilage left attached to the coffee seeds. The coffee is then placed on raised beds to dry over the course of 28-32 days.

This anaerobic processing creates a perfumy aroma, expressed by honeysuckle, orange blossom, and jasmine. Fruit flavors of blueberry, raspberry, and orange sorbet are anchored by the impression of vanilla bean in the aftertaste. A syrupy mouthfeel is complimented perfectly by the juicy, berry-like acidity.
For February, $2 per bag sold of each coffee will be donated to the Blue Heart Foundation. You can buy the coffee separately or save $5 and bundle them! $4 will still be donated to the Blue Heart Foundation when bundled. We'll also have the Ethiopia Damo Anaerobic Honey available to try on pour-over, and $1 per cup will be donated to the Blue Heart Foundation.

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