The Perfect Daily Grind: A Specialty Coffee Shop Tour of San Diego

1. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

These guys are local legends. From their iconic Bird Rock location just a few blocks from some of the surfiest beaches on the West Coast, to their newer, third-wave locations in Little Italy and Bay Park, they have come a long way. Recently acquired by Kansas-based PT’s Coffee Company, they are now, more than ever, ready to take on the coffee world.

But before all of that, Bird Rock Coffee was busy introducing direct trade coffee to San Diego. One of those direct trade coffees was their Geisha, a natural processed Panama from Esmeralda Estate’s Lino lot. In the last two years, that Geisha has been San Diego’s only Good Food Award winner in the very competitive coffee category.

Coffee Shop

Bird Rock Coffee’s original store has a shorts-and-sandals kind of vibe. Credit: James M. Coyle

Where 5626 La Jolla Blvd. La Jolla, CA 92037 (Bird Rock Ave and La Jolla Blvd)
Atmosphere Neighborhood coffeehouse, beachy
Espresso Machine Synesso Hydra
Espresso Roast Monkey Bite (Guatemala, Uganda, Ethiopia)
Filter Roast A variety of light-medium single origins (bright, floral, sweet)
Must-Try Drink Panama Geisha (when available)
Retail Offerings Coffee, tea, pastries, and equipment
Nearby Sights Bird Rock, La Jolla and Pacific Beach neighborhoods and beaches

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