Coffee Review: Maritza Taylor is one of the top "Women In Coffee"!

Maritza Taylor, Bird Rock and PT's Director of Quality Control

Maritza Taylor, Director of Quality Control for Bird Rock and PT's, received 95 Points for her Finca La Maria Geisha in Coffee Review's April report, Women in Coffee: Why It Matters that "She's the Roaster"! It was the top-rated coffee in the report. 

Coffee Review's Kim Westerman writes:

Though Suarez-Taylor might not have consciously set out to be a coffee pioneer when she got her start in the industry in her home country of Colombia nearly 20 years ago, in fact, she is. She jokes that her modest height and tall cupping tables have been her biggest challenge, but she was also told, in the early days of her career, that the coffee business was not for women and certainly not for women who don’t speak English. Suarez-Taylor is now fluent in English, is a three-time re-certified Q-grader, a former Q instructor, and an expert green-buyer. This natural-processed Geisha from Finca La Maria is richly fruit-forward, with notes of bergamot and nougat as ballast. 

Congrats, Maritza!

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